I. Business Owners Sell When It's Too Late

    Okay you read this on the front page but it is worth repeating. Ask yourself would you invest hundreds of thousands in a business based on it's success 2-3 + years ago? Likely not. That's like buying a used car at a new car price. Pretty silly don't you think?

But unlike vehicles, your business is appreciating in value as long as it's integrity is kept. The best time to sell it is at it's peak performance and BEFORE the owner begins easing back on it for health or age related issues.

Let's go back to the car analogy. Would you sell your car when it's in good shape or after running in a demolition derby. Yes that might sound extreme when it comes to a business but it is exactly the situation we run into all too often.

If you are considering selling then SELL now before complacency hits you!


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